Open and save files to a document management system (DMS)

Nitro Pro provides support for a range of document management systems (DMS). This lets you work with repositories such as Microsoft Sharepoint to upload, share, and collaboratively edit documents on a remote web server or web share.

The integrated DMS support enables you to communicate seamlessly with your DMS, without requiring WebDAV, and do the following:

  • Open PDF files stored in HTTP locations

  • Edit a PDF file with Nitro Pro, and then save changes to your web share

  • Check-in and check-out files from your web share

With the DMS plugin installed, Nitro Pro can open and save files to the following systems:

  • Hummingbird DM v5.0

  • Hummingbird DM v6.0

  • Hummingbird DOCS Open 3.9

  • iManage 7.1

  • iManage WorkSite v8.0

  • Sharepoint 2003

  • SharePoint 2007

  • Worldox GX