Use a scanner to OCR a printed document

To scan and OCR a physical document:

  1. On the Home tab, in the Create group, click the PDF button, then From Scanner

  2. In the Scan Settings dialog, select your scanner device

  3. Select the sheets to be scaned, and then specify the file’s destination

  4. In the Image compression section, configure the preferences for the document’s images:

    • Color/Grayscale

      • JPEG: The main Joint Photographic Experts Group standard achieves 10:1 compression ratios with little perceptible quality loss

      • JPEG2000: Achieves higher compression ratios than JPEG, and uses both lossy and lossless compression in the same file stream

      • ZIP: Uses the ZIP compression algorithm to reduce the image size without affecting quality

    • Monochrome

      • CCITT Group 4: A fax document transmission standard which uses advanced compression methods for lossless reproduction

      • CCITT Group 3: The Group 3 standard achieves less compression, and is less advanced than the CCITT Group 4 method

      • Run Length: Particularly effective on files that contain many long runs of the same bit, value, or character. This method is primarily used on binary files

      • ZIP: Uses the ZIP compression algorithm to reduce the image size without affecting quality

    • Quality

      • 150DPI: Might be suitable for use on the web due to the smaller file size produced, however will not produce high quality prints

      • 200DPI: Suitable for higher quality viewing on computer monitors

      • 300DPI: The standard generally used for office quality prints, and generates slightly larger file sizes

      • 600DPI: Generates large file sizes, however it is recommended for high print quality of the image

  5. Check Make document searchable to enable the OCR plugin, and click the Advanced button to set your preferences

  6. Click Scan to launch your default scanning software

  7. Click Scan to begin the scanning process (some scanner drivers require you to Close the dialog once the scan is complete)

  8. Click Finish option to end your scanning job, or select the Scan front of sheet two to continue scanning

  9. If you scanned multiple pages, clicking Finish will open the scanned document in Nitro Pro