Request a Signature

Kicking off a Request Signature Workflow

There are 3 ways to start a request signature workflow:

  1. When viewing a document choose Request Signature from the Home or Share tabs
  2. When viewing My Documents list, click the arrow for the Quick Actions menu and choose Request Signature
  3. From Nitro Pro, follow the Request a Signature from Nitro Pro instructions

Sending a Signature Request

Once you have entered a Request Signature workflow using one of the options above, follow the instructions below to prepare and send the request

  1. Upon entering the Request Signature workflow, a dialog to add a recipient will show, enter the Recipients name and email address and click Add
  2. You can add more recipients by clicking the Add Recipient button in the Signers section to open the same dialog
  3. The Signers section is collapsible to allow more space for the document
  4. Drag and Drop from the Add Fields menu onto the document
  5. Each field can be moved and resized, and from the tooltip, you can change field type and change the recipient
  6. Save Draft will save the Recipients you added and their fields without sending the request, so you can come back to the document later if required
  7. Once you have fields for all Recipients, click Continue to go to the message step
  8. In the message step, you can change the subject and message of the email the recipient receives. You can also add CC recipients who will get view-only access to the document and notifications when signing is complete
  9. Click Request Signature to finish the workflow and send the document to the signers