Organize Pages within a document

Fix any issues with the layout and order of the pages within a document.

  1. From the Home page, choose Tools in the left-hand menu
  2. Choose Organize and then the file you want to organize
  3. The file will be uploaded and you will be brought to a view of the page thumbnails with the Page Layout tab selected
  4. Select a page by clicking on it
  5. Select multiple pages by using the Select Pages action in the ribbon or holding Ctrl/Cmd while clicking on the pages
  6. Once you have selected the pages, you can Rotate or Delete by choosing the action in the ribbon or the shortcuts that appear while hovering over a page
  7. Single pages can be rotated or deleted without selecting by using the shortcuts that appear when hovering over a page
  8. Reorder pages by dragging and dropping the page thumbnail into the required position
  9. Once you have all the required changes, click Save to update the document (no changes are permanent until you save them)

An alternative to steps 1-3 is to open an existing document and choosing the Page Layout tab